You’ve made it!


  • Strengthen and finalize your college list

  • Visit colleges

  • Get ready for college applications

  • Meet with the school counselor

  • Create your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID

  • Decide if you want to take the SAT again

  • Access free AP resources

  • Add parent info to your account

  • Connect with colleges and scholarships

  • Commit to taking AP exams

  • Explore scholarships

  • Send your SAT scores to colleges

  • Create your college application plan

  • Ask for letters of recommendation

  • Write and revise your application essay

  • Complete and submit your college applications

  • Complete your CSS Profile (if required)

  • Complete and submit scholarship applications

  • Explore careers and majors

  • Update your college application status

  • Get ready for AP exams

  • Review and send your AP exam score(s)

  • Complete the FAFSA and qualify for BigFuture Scholarships!

  • Understand your financial aid offers

  • Find out a college’s actual cost

  • What should you do the summer before college?