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K-12 Tutors will work with our ICP-TEAMS portal with district & private scholars in subject areas such as Math, ELA, and Science.


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Who can become a tutor for ICP-TEAMS?

If you are a currently or previously certified teacher currently living in the United States, we would love to have you join our tutor community!


What happens after an interview?

Private Tutoring

After a great interview with a family, parents can book sessions with you directly through your profile. If it seems like a great match, we encourage you to suggest this to families when you speak.


How do I get Scholar's?

Scholars are paired through our public and private partnerships. In addition when applying for tutoring opportunities for private tutoring you can find that information on our ICP-TEAMS dashboard


Where and When are sessions held?

On-site with partnered schools, virtually, or agreed locations set by parent and tutor. However, we also have partnerships with schools to offer tutoring before school, during the school day, or on a schedule that’s a good fit for you and the student.

What happens before, during and after a session?


How do I get paid?

You’ll submit a google form for each scholar who you tutored that session. All your sessions must be logged daily by 8pm that night. ICP Tutors are paid on the 5th and 20th of each month. Payment for those sessions will then be directly deposited into all ICP Teams Tutors accounts.


Is a social security number or a background check required for employment?

We do complete a background check on all new/previous tutors as a part of our onboarding process. If you are with our partnered schools, you will conduct a background check through their online fulcrum. . They will ask you to enter your social security number on their secure server to complete the background check, and it will not be saved anywhere on the ICP TEAMS website platform.


What types of scholars will I tutor?

We partner with public, charter, and private schools nationwide to offer high impact tutoring for K-12 students. This includes students from a wide range of communities and backgrounds, and those with unique learning needs


How do I create a profile and make my profile more visible?

Your username and password will be assigned to you upon joining our team. At that time, you will log in and edit your profile to reflect the subjects and courses you are available to tutor. You can also upload a profile photo as well as a bio and teaching style.

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