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Individual College Planning in Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, and Science


ICP-TEAMS is an individual college planning company that specializes in the STEAM concepts. We were founded in 2013 by Margaret Dawkins as private supplemental education company. She saw the vision of having a well-rounded program and beginning with the end in mind. We are more than just college planning or tutoring. We have multiple services that we use to push each student to the best of his or her ability. Feel free to review our services.

Our CEO/Founder:
Margaret Dawkins

An exploration into the educational mind


ICP-TEAMS works to provide Individual Customized Planning to students for their learning gains.


Our Achievement

Each scholar can achieve his or her educational and personal goals.

Our Community

With community support – parental, school personnel, student, and tutor, students excel in all areas of life.

Our Stability

Allowing students to have the stability of the same tutor and tutor lead during each session allows them to build trust and rapport

Education & Diversity

ICP-TEAMS believes in education diversity and inclusion which plays a vital role in promoting
social justice and equality. Promoting equal opportunities ensures that all students can thrive
academically and personally. It raises awareness, challenges biases, empowers marginalized
communities, fosters inclusive policies and practices, and creates advocates. By incorporating
education diversity, we can work towards a more equitable and just society.

Our Roots

ICP-TEAMS, a tutoring company, transitioning from one stage to
another while experiencing increased visibility and growth. It
symbolizes the company’s roots and its journey towards growth
and success.

Meet The Team