ICP-TEAMS wants to ensure you focus on a major as soon as possible, rather than following your latest interest. Although your interests may change from time-to-time, choosing a major that fits and has a growth rate of continued success and excellent job placement opportunities are of vital importance.

ICP-TEAMS offers personality and aptitude tests to ensure students are on the right path. Once your major is known, class recommendations are provided which will closely align with that major. Then the student can start earning college credits in high school that will result in time and money savings. This first step is very critical. Most students (50%-70%) change their major and many that do change, do it up to three times. These changes results in unnecessary wastes of time and money. By utilizing the latest technology and advances, ICP-TEAMS is more aware of your interests and abilities that help you find fulfillment in the majors you choose.

Only 56% of students who enter college, graduate within 6 years. Students who are ill-prepared during high school and are required to take remedial classes upon entrance into college are far less likely to graduate with a degree. A shocking 75% of students who are required to take college remedial classes never graduate.