We Help Our Students Find Free Money!

Private Based Scholarships

ICP-TEAMS has secured over 4.5 million dollars in scholarships for our students. We prepare our students to qualify for grants based on academic performance. We also direct students to grants specific to the individual student and based on their intended field of study. We review their grant essays and keep them on track to meet all deadlines in the grant application process.  We also take the frustration out of the FAFSA process and show our families how to use the PUB970 to save for college and get credit on tax returns.

These are just a few of the many ways we help to make college affordable while reducing the student loan debt our students would have to carry.

We Offer ICP-Teams Scholarships


Wes Joyner and Christina Gaspard were such amazing leaders at ICP-TEAMS, who exhibited an abundance of passion not only for education but for students and their families.

We at ICP-TEAMS are honoring each of them for their loyal dedication to students around the world with student scholarships. One shared vision comes to mind that was always a continual focus for them both: “All students are deserving of a wonderful education, and we are here to make this happen.”


For a select student, ICP-TEAMS will award  a $1,000 scholarship to be applied to the total cost of our program. ICP-TEAMS will also award an additional student a full  ICP-TEAMS scholarship for an 8th through 12th grade program.

  • Students must obtain a 3.5 GPA or higher.
  • Students must submit an essay, sharing a life story that has resulted in a positive impact in their life.
  • Students must have intention to attend a 4-year college or higher.
  • Distribution for this scholarship will take place in October as seniors start applying with an October 31st deadline.
  • The Joyner family along with ICP-TEAMS leadership will jointly select the students to be awarded the scholarships.


ICP-TEAMS will reward a selected student in need a full program offer from 8th-12th grade.  Additionally, $1,000 will be extended to a Jamaican organization to help students attend and continue their education in a secondary school.

  • Students must obtain a 3.5 GPA or higher.
  • Students must submit an essay sharing a life story that has changed them in some way.
  • Students will be selected by the ICP-TEAMS leadership team, as well as some of Chistina’s work family who worked beside her changing student’s lives.