Esther Stroy Harper

Regional Director Sports Relations and Recruitment

Ester received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Management from Howard University. She has been in the college and high school preparation field for 30 years. She has strong collegiate and high school experience in the planning field. Esther has been a recruiter for some of the top Ivy League schools across the country. Her passion is working with students and helping them to achieve their dreams. She knows that every student has a gift, and she does whatever it takes to help them find it and achieve their educational goals.

Esther was the youngest member of the 1972 US Olympics Team in track and field. She has competed in sports her whole life. To this day, she still helps manage the USA Track and Field East Team. She has conducted college workshops all over the United States and internationally for the last 10 years. She was a college recruiter for some of the top colleges including Stanford where she was also a coach. Coaching and giving back has always been in her blood. She has spent her whole life giving back to others and helping students pursue their dreams. Esther is one that believes you get what you give. Never be afraid of hard work. Her commitment never stops. She shows that same commitment to our students