Mounika Bodapati

Student Services

Mounika Bodapati graduated from Columbia University majoring in Computer Science. She graduated from John Randolph Tucker High School as the Valedictorian of her class and went on to Columbia as an Egleston Scholar. She joined the Lion Credit Union Initiative (LCUI) in the spring of her freshman year at Columbia. LCUI is a student initiative working to start a credit union for Columbia University. Mounika served as Chief Operating Officer for a year and now serves at the Chief Technology Officer for the initiative, which has partnered with a parent credit union and plans to open in 2017. Mounika interned at The Boeing Company, Amazon Web Services and designing Amazon Alexa during her summers in school.  Mounika is one our first students we had at ICP-TEAMS.  She now works with us and gives back as a leader.  She loves working side by side with the students.  She also enjoys getting them started in our program, while sharing her experiences with them to motivate them.  We are very proud to have Mounika on our team. She was one of our very first students and loves directing and helping students to navigate when needed and to inspire them that it is possible. She now works for Facebook fulltime.