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Supercharge Your Potential with ICP TEAMS Suite of Services



ICP-TEAMS recognizes the importance of not only studying but having someone available for students or parents when additional help is necessary.


Test Prep

ICP-TEAMS has the best all-around program and counselors for our students, and we do not partner with just anyone offering services.



ICP-TEAMS wants to ensure you focus on a major as soon as possible, rather than following your latest interest.

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Tutor Services

Different learning styles
ICP-TEAMS is also qualified in tutoring students with various learning styles; i.e., ADHD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia.


Financial Aid Assistance

In addition to merit-based scholarships (those that are earned from academic performance), we also offer help in getting each student qualified for grants and other programs offered by the government, such as FAFSA, preliminary FAFSA, and PUB970.

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Essay Support

Most major colleges and universities require students to submit an essay when applying. Acceptance is often awarded based on the most intriguing essay entry. ICP-TEAMS offers tutoring to help with these essays.